Sore? Recently I’ve found myself sore. The main reason for this is that I just started taking boxing classes. And No! it’s not from getting clobbered in the face. But because whenever I try a new activity, I get sore. The reason is that when we switch activities and start using new muscles for different […]

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SAVE OUR HABITS! Your 2014 Habit Survival Guide

Photo By SanDiegoShooter

2014 Mindful Fitness Habit Survival Guide Let’s be frank. Your fitness resolutions are doomed. I know what you’re thinking. This year I’ll stick to them. I’ve been reading more. I’m better prepared. I’m more settled. This year everything will fall into place. This year will be different. There you are holding your intentions like precious […]

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My Guest Post: 20 Ways Sitting in Silence Can Completely Transform Your Life on, what is mindfulness, sitting in silence, the benefits of meditation, why should I meditate, what silence taught me, the lessons of silence, be silent, the joy of silence, the wonder of silence, learn to be silent, sit silently,silence your mind

I recently had the chance to share my experience of silence with Lori Densche the creator of The result is the following post that talks about the lessons I learned from sitting in silence and how those lessons help me every day of my life.  20 Ways Sitting in Silence Can Completely Transform Your […]

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